Performance related:

Q: Do I have to memorize my piece? If I don’t memorize, will I get penalized?
A: No, Participants are encouraged to perform from memory, although this is not compulsory and no additional marks will be awarded.

Q: The piece I have chosen is too long if I perform it in entirety, can I choose to only play some part of the repertoire only?
A: Works chosen must be performed in entirety, omission of any part of the work is not permitted, with the exception of Orchestral tutti part. A single movement from a set work (Sonata, Suite, Concerto, etc) is acceptable. It is permissible to leave out repeats. However, repeats are allowed provided that the maximum time limit is respected. Any work that is not performed in entirety may result in disqualification.

Q: What if my performance exceeds the time limit?
A: The participant’s chosen repertoire must fall within the given the time limit. The jury members reserve the right to interrupt a performance if the performance exceeds the given time limit.

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear for the competition?
A: There is no dress code requirement, but we suggest to consider your performance as a formal concert performance. E.g. For girls: Formal dress. For boys: Long sleeved shirt with trousers, and tie or bow-tie (optional). Shoes: closed toe, no slippers or sandals.

Q: I don’t have any of the above suggested, will my attire affect the marks?
A: No, but do consider that the competition is also a performance, and presentation is part of the criterias.

Q: Can I practice at the venue before the competition start, or just to “try” the acoustics?
A: In some places, the venue might be available for hire a day prior to the competition. If that is the case, an email will be sent out (to the applicant) with the details of the hire. Do take note that time slots for these practices are chargeable and are available only on a first come first served basis.

Q: Can I request a performance time that is more convenient for me?
A: A quick answer is no, requests to alternate order of performance will not be entertained. Do take note, however, that participants must be ready and willing to perform earlier or later than their scheduled time due to any cancellations and unforeseen schedule changes.

Choosing a Repertoire:

Q: Are pop songs, modern music allowed?
A: The competition requires music that is of Western Art Music tradition – from the Baroque to 21st Century periods and does not include works of jazz, pop, rock, etc. with the exception of pieces included in the Trinity College London or Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) syllabus – which are accepted.

Q: My piece is only 1 minute, is that too short?
No, there is no minimum performance time required.

Q: Can I play two or more from a set piece, if it falls within the time limit?
No, only one movement is accepted.

Q: Can I use same repertoire in different categories?
A: Applicant may submit the same repertoire for multiple competitions.

Q: Can I change the repertoire I submitted on my application?
A: Yes you can. However, a change fee of RM50 will apply for each repertoire change requested after the 7 days grace period. Repertoire changes will not be accepted two weeks prior to the competition date for the chosen region.

Application related:

Q: Does the application fee include refreshments/lunch/dinner?
A: No. All participants are responsible for their own expenses (travel, housing accommodations , etc.)

Q: If I cannot take part in the competition after I have done my application, is the enrolment fee refundable?
A: No, all fees paid upon submission are not refundable.

Q: Can I apply for multiple categories/age groups?
A: You can apply for as many categories/age groups as you like, so long as you don’t exceed the maximum age allowed for that category/age group.

Prize Giving Related:

Q: I need to leave early and cannot wait until the announcement of winners, can I ask for my result in advance?
A: No. All results will only be announced at the Prize Giving, and will be published to our FaceBook page within 48 hours.

Q: I am unable to stay for the Prize Giving, if I were to receive a prize, will the prize be forfeited? Will I be informed of my achievement?
A: We will not be informing each winner individually. If you have won a prize but you did not attend the Prize Giving, it is your responsibility to check our Facebook page and to be in contact with us via email ([email protected]), upon which we will put you in contact with our local representative to arrange for Trophy (and certificate, if any) collection/delivery.

Q: If my student win the prize, will I be given a teacher’s certificate?
A: No

Q: I have won a Gold/Silver/Bronze prize at the Regional Round, can I get a prize certificate for that?
A: We do not issue additional certificates, but we can provide with you a letter of confirmation.


Q: Can I get in touch with my child at the backstage?
A: The backstage is strictly for competition staff, team and crew members. If you need to contact your child, please ask for a staff to bring your child to you.

Q: Where can I access your recorded video of my child?
A: We only upload the video of the final round winners to YouTube, you are suggested to record the performance of your child yourselves.

Q: Can I take back the copies of the music scores that were given to the Jury?
A: Yes, copies of the music will be left outside at the registration desk.

Q: Do you provide warm up room?
A: No

Q: I am a parent/teacher, do I need to purchase a pass to watch my child/student perform?
A: Yes, all observers are required to purchase an entry pass.

Q: Do children need to purchase entry passes? Even if they do not occupy a seat?
A: Yes, all observers are required to purchase an entry pass. Children below the age of 4 are discouraged from attending.

Q: I am a teacher, and I have submitted a number of entries, will I get free entry passes?
A: Euroasia & the MYOF are  fully self-funded non profit organisations, and the sales of entry passes are a means of fundraising for us. Therefore, we are not able to offer any complimentary.

Q: Can I get the comment sheet of juries?
A: Comment sheets are provided for all jury members at both the Regional and Final Round but it is at their discretion whether or not they would want to write comments for the performance. Participants should collect their comment sheets from the registration desk after their performance.