Digital Certificates

Digital Certificates

A digital certificate is an electronic document that stores credentials. By coupling industry standard technologies with the leading-edge strong cryptography, we are able to issue tamper resistant digital certificates with forgery protection.

Participants will be provided with a verified link-back to the validation page. With each certificate carrying its own digital signature, it is easily shared to all popular social media platforms with a verification link.

Euroasia Competition Digital Certificates

The Digital Certificates are generated and sent to the particpant’s email address submitted during registration. Please check your spam/junk/social/promotion folder in case it has gone there, or please search your mail box for ‘Digital Certificate’ from [email protected].


Tauliah is a service that enables organisations of any size to easily issue secure digital and digitised certificates, which store a variety of credentials, in a secure and trustworthy manner. In addition to a printable/encrypted PDF certificate, a validation link is provided that can be added to your CV and shared to social-media.

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